Year of the otter

The Chinese will have to re-invent their calendar to include the year of the otter. I’m not usually privy to celebrity craziness, but when it comes to British actors making good, I do sit up and take note. The combination of being an anglophile and suffering from FOMO (that’s Fear Of Missing Out), I too wanted a seat on the Cumber-bandwagon (see what I did there?). I’m uncertain as to how long I will stay on said wagon as my attention span of being fascinated by someone or something ranges between 1 to 2 months before I move on. This doesn’t bode well for relationships I tell you.

From only seeing him on the telly in Sherlock (and Smaug, which I didn’t know was him), to seeing his mug popping up all over the place and me going “hey, that’s Sherlock!”, on an all too regular basis, I wanted to see which other pies he had his lovely digits buried in. Thanks to Graham Norton, Top Gear and Wossy, that mouthful of a name anointed my ear cavities. My initial reaction was that Tuff-Titti Cumberbatch didn’t have a particularly whimsical ring to it, so sadly marriage was off the table. But apt that the word CUM formed part of his name. And at a push BATCH (rhymes with SNATCH). Probably grasping there. However, Benedict Cumberbatchs’ new sex-appeal status has somewhat ruined the whole Sherlock experience for me. Now I won’t be able to watch him play my favourite super sleuth cleverly solving crime without my mind wondering whether otters are into dress-up and reverse cowgirl?

Having a natural affinity with brains and not brawn, my instinct has always been to gravitate towards the eccentric. I revel in it. The brain is such a sexy thing. Except when it’s on a plate. So my love of a smart-mouthed quirk has endeared me to the Sherlock character. Not just Benedict, but also Robert Downey JR. Not so much Jonny Lee miller. In fact I didn’t relate to him in that role whatsoever. My favourite still remains Downey. I mean who doesn’t like a bad-boy right? He portrays a devilishly delicious and wicked character that could at any moment grab you by the hair, push you against the wall and snog the hell out of you. SWOON! Yet lurking there is this little boy with an owchie knee, and you just want to put a Bugs Bunny plaster on it. Which girl can resist administering a bit of nurture on such a badass. Downey is “faster” and funnier, almost hyperactive like a Jack Russell. You have to be on your toes to keep up with him. His quiet spells keeps you on the edge of your seat thinking, “what is he going to say/ do next?”. Its thrilling, exciting. Panty moistening.

Benedicts’ portrayal on the other hand has elevated my appreciation of the character to new heights. Marvellous and brilliant. Sharp and witty with more than a touch of caustic. What he lacks in the Downey bad-boy stakes, he more than makes up for by adding more dimension to the character. One might not immediately want to bump uglies with this Sherlock, but you would want to have a heated, sarcastic debate, slap him and THEN bump uglies. His sterling job on Sherlock makes me want to see his other work. I cannot make myself sit down and watch Star Trek though! Bleugh! But I look forward to seeing the man of the moment in his next projects. Hopefully in the next 2 months. Tick Tock.

I won’t be sending in my application form to become part of the Cumber-bitches, but I will appreciate talent when I see it. So for now I will just remain a cumbersome bitch instead.

Tata for now…